Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anna Hazare Visited Oneness University

Anna Hazare in Oneness University:

In Maratha (Maharashtra) area who not only motivated the natural resources but also the human resources and renowned social activist named Anna Hazare visited Oneness University. Anna Hazare’s personal life and social life are not different artifacts, by bringing both the elements in single path, sacrificed his life for social contribution. Anna Hazare visited Oneness University got to know the details about Oneness youth deeksha. He stated as “All over India, oneness is the only University providing the values which have not been provided by any other University”. When he visited Shri Bhagavan He discussed about it. For Oneness University’s approach to bring happy life in society, Anna Hazare expressed his support to the Oneness University. He took deeksha in Oneness University which brings rise in consciousness and experienced the divinity in him. He participated in Shri Bhagavan’s divya mangala darshan and prayed for his dreams to come true.Anna Hazare visited the Oneness University which brings Oneness in world and appreciated the goal of University. He prayed Shri Bhagavan that to give darshan as an antaryamin (invoking lord in heart). Anna Hazare is a Bhageertha who transforms the desert as paddy field. His life started from a poor village which is placed in Maharashtra, India. His helping nature made him as renowned social activist. Anna Hazare heard of Amma Bhagavan’s vision of Oneness and visited Oneness University.


I spoke to Bhagavan for one hour. I experienced that there are so many universities in our country; no one university is teaching about liberation in mankind. When I came here I got to know that complete transformation in human being occurs here, which is also important for world. End to his talk.

Since thousands of years human being suffering and only solution for this is enlightenment. Enlightenment state has been experienced by very few people. To give complete enlightenment to human beings god incarnated in human form i.e., Amma Bhagavan. Amma Bhagavan showers grace on everyone who believes in GOD and who respect human relationships.

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