Sunday, February 13, 2011

shocked at the level of corruption in our country

All of us might have heard of hundreds and thousands of crores of rupees going corrupt. Even I did, but still I felt that no body is directly impacted because of this, though all of us are impacted in indirect ways.

Recently, I have heard of another incident which was really shocking me. As part of the NREGA, the labourers are getting some 120 odd rupees today. Of this, our great government officials eat up 10 rupees everyday. Aren't these people become like blood sucking parasites? They are not just eating up the money from the rich and well to do, even from the very poor who earn a hundred bucks a day.

Is there a way we can get rid of this corruption? Pondering over all these, I felt that corruption can be eradicated only in the top down approach. When the politicians act with integrity then only can we expect the bureaucrats to behave so, and so to the lower levels of the government.

If you happen to go to any villages and ask any small or medium farmer, their woes are so sad. Never do the government officials act in a manner which is good for their farming. Neither do the governments at center and state. We do not provide proper support prices for our agricultural produces. The prices are high in the city markets due to the number of intermediaries in between. There needs to be a transformation all these, else we have a risk of losing agriculture totally. The number of people migrating to cities is already very high.

As a part of being in the Loksatta and Loksatta Sanjeevani, several programmes are being organised to get rid of this corruption. Many rallies are organised, letters sent to government offices, RTI ( Right to Information Act) used to find out how the government offices are functioning, etc.

On the spiritual end, we need to transform and flower the hearts of people that they are all the one and empathetic to the problems of others.

One good thing IT is bringing to the country is transparency. Projects like e-seva, moving all PF accounts into online mode so that all the transactions can be done quickly, UID are really bringing in more transparency in our country.

So, ultimately what is the need of the hour? The need of the hour is energetic youth who are well educated, willing to learn the problems of the people and work towards resolving these issues. You need not be a politician or a bureaucrat to work on these. If you really have the wish and will to do it, think and you will find many ways in which you can contribute...........

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