Monday, February 28, 2011

Mukthi Utsav - an amazing course

I attended the Mukthi Utsav on Feb 24,25. I have been attending several events since 1996 including the Mahadeeksha and its level 2. Frankly, the amount of grace and power I witnessed in this course is way over any of the courses I attended earlier. This Mukthi Utsav is really amazing. I have burst into peels of laughter atleast a couple of times. My mind is totally peaceful. The flow of thoughts inside has reduced to abt 5% or even lesser from what it was previously. Moreover, now the thoughts which come to me are not disturbing me as they used to earlier, which is of much more importance. I feel Amma Bhagavan right with me all the time. It is a real amazing experience. The deekshas (for those new to deeksha, it is nothing but a blessing given where the blessing giver keeps his hand on the head of the devotee and prays to the divine to fill the devotee with divine grace) given as part of this event are really strong and powerful. I have seen everyone dance in joy and hug each other in love. By the time, we were leaving on the second day, everyone was really happy and were in causeless joy.

Few of my friends know that now, I am in the middle 3 very important decisions which will make my career all through my life and a minor mistake can make me repent all through my life. Believe me one of my friends asked me how I am able to sleep. Frankly, if I am at peace because thoughts and mind are not actually disturbing me. I am really greatful to Amma and Bhagavan certainly for helping me through this tough time.

On how the course goes, it has very less teachings say abt 30 - 40% and most of the time is for prayers, meditation and deekshas. So, you will find yourself in great states when are part of meditation and deekshas. Just have a passion in you to get Jeevan Mukthi, that will suffice.

I would say everyone should and must attend this event. There can be no bigger boon than this course for all of us. Should you require any information on the course, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will be more than happy to help you.

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  1. Hello, Do you have any idea about upcomming Mukthi Utsav event? Please let us know