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Synergy between Humans and the Divine

This was an excerpt from the summary of the 12 Secrets class of Sri Bhagavan during August 2007. Proud to say I wrote that summary, which many people have read and appreciated.
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Consciousness is of Three Kinds:


These are present in every individual as well as in the collective conscious. This is called one mind. Combination of all individual consciousness gives rise to collective consciousness. This is called synergic emergence. But, there need not be any relation between individual and the collective.


1. Cells and human body.
2. Computers and internet. (Without computers connected there is no internet and without internet the use of computers is limited).
3. Hydrogen and oxygen combined to give water. Both hydrogen and oxygen encourage fire but, water extinguishes fire. Thus, the behavior of collective varies from the individual.

This is like naras (humans) in together give rise to narayana but narayana is not merely Nara, but a bit greater.

This one mind always takes care of the individuals. Some examples are:

1. In Japan, once crabs were about to get extinct at that govt. banned eating crabs but yet people ate and they were about to be extinct. At that time, on every crab’s back the face of Japanese got visible and instead of eating they started to pray it as god. Thus the one mind of crabs protected its species from extinction.

2. In Holland, when people complained about the destruction made by bucks and dears' at nights in residential areas, govt. passed a rule that these bucks can be killed if they stay in residential areas (before a particular line/border) beyond 12 midnight. At 5 minutes to 12, these animals were beyond this line but at 12 none was beyond the line. Does the bucks know that the Government passed a rule that they can be killed if they stay beyond the border of residential areas if they stay after 12 No, but they all crossed and out of residential areas, because their one mind saved them.

3. In Brazil, a priest by name Martin dePolis was there. He was so powerful that he could even stop a flood. Once, rats ate the curtains in the church. When others wanted to kill the rats, this person told he will talk to rats. He talked to the one mind of rats and an agreement was made that food will be kept for rats daily at a distance of 100 feet from church and rats should not enter church. This is continuing since 350 yrs till date...

4. Farmers in a village in Tamilnadu, grow paddy if birds which migrate to that place build nests at a higher level, and grow groundnut if birds build nests at a lower level. These birds build nests at a height just above the rainfall level so as to save their nests from water. How do they know about rainfall in the year? It is their one mind that is helping them.

5. When ant hills are destructed the engineer ants that stay at depths of 50-80 feet come to ground and rebuild the anthill in minutes and go back. How do they know that their ant hill is being destroyed? It is again their one mind helping them.

6. Snakes in varadaiapalem never bit a single person because an agreement was made with one mind of snakes that we won’t kill them and they should not bite devotees. once, when a new security person killed 2 snakes due to lack of knowledge immediately a homa was done to satisfy the snakes and an agreement was made and till date, no devotee was bitten by a snake was reported.

As per Hindu Shastra, there are 84 lakh species of organisms and each has their one mind. The collection of these one minds was Para Brahma Consciousness is like sand. You can make idols/toys (bommalu) with sand.

The reason I put this post is that I had one such experience in real life just 4 days back on July 1, 2010 when I felt the divine took over me in a difficult situation where I was in a dilemma whether to act in one way or the other, both equally not sure if I will reach the end safely. Thanks Bhagavan.

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