Sunday, July 11, 2010

Non-acceptance of ourself --- The root cause of all problems

Comparison is essentially sourced in non-acceptance of one's life, parents, body, capabilities or thoughts and emotions.

In resisting the fact and trying to be something that you are not, you suffer from destructive emotions like anger, jealously, hatred, frustration which in turn leads to failure of intelligence.

All problems rise with the failure of intelligence. It is acceptance that liberates you and how does one arrive at acceptance? It is not about understanding, explaining or justifying the situation, but to experience the pain behind it.

As you experience the unresolved emotions that are attached to the situation, all resistance dissolves and you naturally embrace the fact.

This inner acceptance leads to awakening of intelligence and the inferiority complex would naturally disappear.

Time for Reflection:

On what basis, do you compare with others?

Do you suffer from inferiority or superiority complex?

What are your compulsive responses?

Hold a prayer in your heart that you must be blessed with inner acceptance.


Sri Bhagavan - Teaching on Comparison

(Comparing Ourselves with Others)

Access video:

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