Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trading Nifty Options - I love it

Nifty Options have been a good challenging and a very profitable task but with a very high rewards and risk too. Everyone fears only of the risk. I had some setbacks too in the beggining. But, the rewards are too good to leave them off. Learn from your mistakes, dont trade by intuition but trade with technique and have a check on all the news. Any minor miss, can make you loose money and always be careful that you bet your money basing on Nifty is sustaining its support levels or not. If nifty falls its support then buy a put and if it is sustaining buy a call option. As simple as that. Start with one lot of Nifty with abt 6k to 10k rupees and as u get profits, go for bigger amounts...............that is all Nifty trading.

Bhagavan, when I going to do this professionally like a finance professional?????????
Hey I always prefer just out of call options only for the maximum rewards.

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