Saturday, June 26, 2010

Loksatta and Dr.JP I am amazed

I have been following up with the activities of Lok satta and was reading their blogs as well of late. The recommendations they were giving to the govt., their fight against the govt. ( for its corrupt acts and meaningless rules), are really great.

Some activities of the party which I liked are below.
Fight against the Karanataka govt for reinstating the officials suspended for corruption and harassment of Lokayukta employees for their role in ferreting out corruption, read this link is really appreciable. I cannot imagine that corrupt officials are reinstated back to service. How can we allow such a thing in our society. We got to fight against such things.

Recommendation to prohibit widespread liquor all through andhra and justifying that the 18000 crore losses can be avoided by funds from the health ministry of central govt, which stated that if such steps like stopping smoking and prohibiting liquor were taken, then central health ministry will bear any financial losses incurred to the state govts.

Recommendations not to subsidize petrol, diesel and LPG, but subsidize Solar LED. JP has been working in a real commendable way in the kukkatpally constituency. His initiatives on providing proper water, good schools for his constituency people are certainly appreciated by one and all. His views have already started flowing into the minds of people. His organising the Loksatta party, giving a lot of people leadership roles is also quite commendable.

During his speech in his tour to the US recently, JP pointed to the fact that India is the only country where city Mayors are not elected and in India, local govt. have very negligible power. We need a much decentralized govts. like in the US. Even UK which used to have centralized power is moving in that direction, but not us who took their govt as our model.

Many more activities like these have made me really feel good about this party and the person behind the party Mr.JP. Given a chance, I would really love to participate in the activities of the party. And any organisation which stands by its values all through the ups and downs can only inspire people. I believe Loksatta is probably the only such party at this point of time.

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