Friday, March 18, 2011

Let us all Pray and give Deeksha for Japan

This is the message from Sri Bhagavan:

"Japan would soon overcome the present crisis and emerge stronger in all spheres of human endeavour.

The crisis would also help Japan emerge as an Awakened nation. Prayers are going on at the Oneness temple to help the victims of the crisis as well as for the liberation of those who left us.

Oneness deeksha givers in Japan should, with the help of deeksha liberate people from the traumas caused by the crisis. One can feel the tremendous love of people from all over the world for the very lovable Japanese people."

Deekshas for a favorable resolution of the situation in Japan

occurs at 6 am Japan time [This would be 2:00pm PDT - and of course recommended to send deeksha any time]

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